The Most Ridiculous Things People Got In Trouble For In School

Everyone has been called out by a teacher for a seemingly ridiculous reason. These people were particularly unlucky. Check out these hilarious stories of students who got some seriously raw deals.

  • 1. “I got in trouble for wearing a T-shirt that said ‘Disco Still Sucks’ to the disco-themed assembly. I maintain it’s the school’s fault for even HAVING a disco-themed assembly.” -Katy Shaw, Facebook
  • 2. “A kid in my brother’s high school science class was waving two rulers in the air, so the teacher gave him a detention for ‘directing air traffic’.” -Buzzfeed user gagtastic
  • 3.”I once came to school dressed like Cindy Lauper and was sent home because it somehow symbolised being in a gang.” -Buzzfeed user katef47772196de
  • 4. “I once sneezed in class and my teacher asked me to step outside of the classroom. She went on and on about how it was incredibly rude to sneeze while someone is speaking, as if I had a choice. Still confused about that one.” -Kaitlin Batt, Facebook
  • 5. “I got sent to the office for a dress code violation because my khaki pants were too khaki.” -Abbey Love, Facebook
  • 6. “I got in trouble for falling down the stairs so many times in one day. After being accused of having been under the influence, I had to meet with the dean, who decided I was just clumsy and sent me home.” -Buzzfeed user carsontheresac
  • 7. “The guy who sat in front of me in history stole my hairbrush from my bag and started combing his leg hair with it. I whispered ,’What are you doing?!’ at him and my teacher sent me to in-school suspension for being distracting.” -Buzzfeed user kellykumquat