What is GYMKAHANA and what is a HOONIGAN?

GYMKHANA is a type of motorsport that emphasizes car control and agility through a series of tight, complex turns and obstacles. The name “GYMKHANA” comes from the Japanese word “kôen-dô,” which means “training ground.”

GYMKHANA events often feature a course that is laid out in a large open area, such as a parking lot or abandoned warehouse, and consists of a series of cones or other objects that drivers must navigate around in a specific pattern. Drivers are scored on their speed and accuracy as they navigate the course, and the person with the fastest time or the fewest penalties is declared the winner.

GYMKHANA is often compared to autocross or rallycross, as it involves navigating a course in a car, but it is distinct in that it emphasizes car control and precision rather than raw speed. It is also often associated with drifting, a motorsport that involves intentionally oversteering and losing traction in the rear wheels of a car to achieve a desired trajectory.

Who are well known GYMKAHNA figures?

One of the most well-known figures associated with GYMKHANA is professional rally and rallycross driver Ken Block. Block is credited with popularizing GYMKHANA through a series of viral video releases featuring him performing stunts and driving demonstrations in a variety of high-performance cars. He has also competed in GYMKHANA events around the world and has released several video games that feature GYMKHANA-style gameplay.

Other well-known figures in the GYMKHANA community include professional drivers Travis Pastrana, Rhys Millen, and Daijiro Inada. GYMKHANA events and demonstrations have also been organized and sponsored by various car manufacturers and motorsports organizations, including Ford, Subaru, and the Global Rallycross Championship.

It is difficult to determine the exact origin of GYMKHANA as a motorsport, as it likely evolved over time from a variety of different influences. However, the term “GYMKHANA” has been used to describe a type of driving event or competition since at least the 1950s. In Japan, “kôen-dô” or “GYMKHANA” events have been held for decades and often involve a mix of driving skills tests and time trials.

The modern form of GYMKHANA as it is known today, with a focus on car control and precision driving through a series of tight turns and obstacles, likely emerged in the late 20th century. The popularization of GYMKHANA through viral videos and the creation of dedicated GYMKHANA events and series in the 21st century has helped to bring the sport to a wider audience.

Where can I learn more about GYMKAHNA?

There are many resources available online where you can learn more about GYMKHANA and keep up with the latest developments in the sport. Some options include:

  • Watching GYMKHANA videos on YouTube: There are many channels that feature GYMKHANA videos, including demonstrations, event coverage, and instructional content.
  • Following GYMKHANA drivers and teams on social media: Many professional GYMKHANA drivers and teams have active social media presences, where they share updates, photos, and videos from events and training sessions.
  • Checking out GYMKHANA-specific websites and forums: There are several websites and forums dedicated to GYMKHANA and related motorsports, where you can find information on events, technique, and equipment, as well as connect with other fans of the sport.
  • Attending GYMKHANA events: If you want to experience GYMKHANA in person, you can try to find events in your area or consider traveling to a larger event. Many GYMKHANA events are open to the public and offer spectator tickets.
  • Practicing your own GYMKHANA skills: If you are interested in trying out GYMKHANA for yourself, you can look for local events or groups that offer training or practice sessions. You can also set up your own course in a safe, open area and practice your skills with friends or on your own. Just be sure to follow all safety guidelines and regulations, and never attempt any stunts or maneuvers that you are not comfortable with or that could be dangerous.

What is a Hoonigan?

Hoonigan is a motorsports-oriented apparel and lifestyle brand that was founded in 2011. The name “Hoonigan” is derived from the Australian slang term “hoon,” which refers to someone who engages in reckless or irresponsible driving behavior. The brand is known for its bold, edgy designs and its focus on rally, drift, and GYMKHANA racing, as well as other forms of automotive and action sports.

In addition to producing clothing and accessories, Hoonigan also sponsors and supports a number of drivers and teams in various motorsports disciplines. The brand is also involved in the production of media content, including the Hoonigan Daily Transmission YouTube series, which features behind-the-scenes looks at various events and projects. Hoonigan has a strong following among motorsports fans and is recognized as a leader in the industry.