6 old school trends that are making a comeback

Person in Gray Sweater Holding Black Vinyl Record Player

As we come to the end of another year (2022), it’s fun to take a look back at some of the trends that have made a comeback. While some may seem outdated, others are surprisingly fun. Here is our list of old school trends that are making a comeback.

1. Analog watches

While digital watches may have taken over in recent years, analog watches are making a comeback. Analog watches are simple, elegant, and can be easily dressy or casual. They also don’t require batteries, which makes them more sustainable.

2. Film photography

Film photography is making a comeback as people yearn for a more “authentic” experience. Unlike digital photography, film photography requires patience and a bit of luck. Each photograph is unique, and there’s something special about waiting to see how they turn out.

3. Vinyl records

Vinyl records are making a comeback as people appreciate the warmer sound quality and the ritual of playing them. Vinyl records also come with beautiful album artwork that can be displayed in your home.

4. Home cooking

Home cooking is making a comeback as people realize the importance of eating healthy, homemade meals. Home cooked meals are typically less expensive and more nutritious than takeout or restaurant meals. Additionally, cooking at home gives you the opportunity to bond with family and friends.

5. Handwritten letters

Handwritten letters are making a comeback as people appreciate the personal touch of receiving a letter in the mail. Letters can be kept and re-read, unlike emails or text messages, which are often deleted after they’re read. Writing letters is also a great way to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away.

6. Mom Jeans

While they may have been considered unflattering in the past, mom jeans are now being seen as a stylish and comfortable alternative to traditional denim jeans. They come in a variety of styles and colors, making them perfect for any outfit. So why are mom jeans making a comeback?

  • Mom Jeans are comfortable.
  • Mom Jeans come in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Mom Jeans are flattering for all body types.
  • Mom Jeans can be dressed up or down.